Conventional and weekly hospital

Hôpital conventionnel - IHOPe

On the 2nd floor of the IHOPE stand the conventional hospitalization units (18 beds) and weekly units (6 beds).

The weekly hospital is open from Monday morning to Friday evening whereas the conventional hospital is open 24/7, on weekends and during bank holidays.

A child may be transferred from a unit to another on extension of his/her hospitalization: your referent nurse or physician will give you information on this point.

The setting in a single or double bed room will be done according to medical criteria and also upon availabilities within the unit.

Parents are allowed within these two units with no time restriction. Still, by-laws rule the daily life in the unit and guaranty a good continuity of your child’s stay. One parent will be hosted with the child during the night. Brothers and sisters under 15 can visit your child in the living spaces located in the hall or on the first floor, around the outpatient hospital: adolescent room, self-service restaurant, spaces are numerous!

Children are urged to have their meal at the self-service restaurant (on the first floor) depending on their health status.

Outside care hours, children can go to the school hospital (on the first floor), or have lessons inside their bedroom. They can have fun in the kid’s unit playroom for the youngest or in the adolescent room for the eldest. A childcare assistant and volunteers supervise these entertainment moments.