Access control sector (R3)

Secteur protégé - IHOPe

The access control Unit or Sector, also called R3 is located on the 3rd floor of the IHOPE. It is a special unit mainly for children receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant (transplant file, family member, or autologous transplant) and children with a deficient immune system due to their treatment or their disease.

This service includes 15 individual positive-pressure environment rooms with air filtered to protect children from germs. This is almost a unique service in France: only 3 hospitals offer these access control units, to give children a better freedom, as a replacement for old sterile system rooms.

Furthermore you can sleep with your child treated in the access control unit, thanks to a folding bed available in each room. This possibility is proposed to you at the IHOPE to look after your child by his side even by night.

The unit offers a rest room for parents where one can share some quality time with other parents whose child is also hospitalized in the unit, and a bathroom, a bedroom and a laundry to be able to stay as close as possible to your child.

Before entering the unit, you will be asked to leave your belongings (jackets and coats) in a secured locker room, then to enter into a secure vestibule where you will have to wash your hands carefully. This step is mandatory to protect the young patients from the bacteria and germs. Then, you will have to wash your hands one more time and wear a mask, an over blouse and overshoes as well as gloves if necessary to enter your child’s room.

A multidisciplinary team ensures the global management of your child. It includes nurses, child nurses, hospital workers, physicians, house doctors, childcare assistants, physiotherapists, dieticians, a social assistant, psychologists and pediatric-psychiatrists.

Diverse associations affiliated with the service bring a moral support to parents and some entertainments to children: toys, DVDs and computers can be lent to children within the access control sector.

My child is going to stay in the access control unit (sterile room): what can he bring?

Your child is going to stay in the access control unit of the IHOPE and you may wonder what he can bring with him. Indeed, within this kind of unit, children can’t leave their bedroom for several weeks and some of their toys or personal belongings are not allowed. Don’t worry! By respecting some specific hygiene rules, he will be able to set up his bedroom to his own tastes end enjoy his toys!

In his sterile chamber, your child will be allowed to bring his cuddly toy, upon washing and drying it (in the dryer available in the unit). Books can be brought if decontaminated or if bought under vacuum. An antibacterial cleaning will have to be done on computers, tablets and plastic-toys. On the other hand it is not possible to bring some wooden toys for they can’t be cleaned properly.

Good to know: within the access control unit toys can be lent to all children! Find out about the process on: DVDs, books, games and toys are available for all ages.

Secteur protégé - IHOPe